deal toys, deal gifts, tombstones or financial tombstones

During the decades that we are working with associative cartography we got involved in the world of ipo’s, mergers and acquisitions. We are proud to have provided beautiful cartographic artworks that reflect  complicated deal making processes.

  Detail of a visualization by Martijn Kessler of the IPO of a big dutch bank. The ultimate present at a closing diner.  The historical process of the dealmaking chronologically mapped out in a beautiful associative map.  
A deal toy, deal gift, lucite tombstone or financial tombstone

Another detail of the same artwork. The fort of the dutch regulators (the central bank) shoots with canons at all that passes. The depts in the waters refer to prices of shares, volumes etc.

deal gift

A dealgift for all parties in the Stena/Hyundai/ NMT joint venture. (2019)

Offered at the closing diner by Northern Rose, the lawyers firm that accompanied the deal for Stena and NMT Shipping.

detail Genius and Nirvana project

A milestone for KPN visualized by Martijn Kessler. All people involved in the process received a beautifully framed map of the history of the company when in was purchased back by the mother company.

Detail of the KPN dealgift. It’s 2001. On the map, a Failed IPO, the internet bubble, alliances and the products of that time meet the viewer’s eye.

jubilee gift

In honor of the 150th anniversary and the royal designation of the proud Dutch truck manufacturer Terberg. Made in commission of Shell Lubricants.

The map shows the history of the company with a focus on the relationship with Shell.

Map made in commission of Heerema Marine Contractors for Mr Peter Heerema, CEO of the Dutch offshore company in occasion of a big jubilee in 2012

jubilee gift studio kessler-martijn kessler

Detail from the Heerema map

fantasy maps

Something else! The Brexit and the Turmoil Coast. Map developed for clients involved in the Brexit and than later customized for general use.

 deal toy, deal gift, lucite tombstone or financial tombstone

deal gift AXA take over, project Batavia


 deal toy, deal gift, lucite tombstone or financial tombstone

Dealgift BMW take over (Car lease)



Detail deal toy KPN