Visualization of conferences, symposia, meetings and brainstorm-sessions

Studio Kessler visualizes conferences, symposia, meetings and brainstorm-sessions. Using the information that is being shared at the conference Studio Kessler creates a revealing map in the background. This map directly mirrors the discussion and has an exceptional value both practical and artistic. In the sessions the studio has a facilitating role. The visualizations offer a good impression of the discussion and possess the exceptional quality to relate all the discussed items. WNRdetail_dark They also serve as a perfect medium to record, interpret and arrange information. In a special instant-art form the data is transformed in a creative and organic manner: while a speaker adresses the audience, his words are arranged in the company landscape. This sketch is made by a number of geoficticians/artists on a large map ”100X48 inches”. A screen can be placed at the side of the room where the audience sees the sketch growing from a distance. Studio Kessler will require a prompter who can translate any jargon.   ordina websiteformaat[1]Visualisation of a symposium where stakeholders exchanged information about the future. While the speakers and discussions brought about the exchange of information, Studio Kessler visualized the matters discussed. The visualizations are a perfect stepping stone for a geofiction-workshop, wherein the participants of the meeting chart the relevant processes themselves. This way the visualizations also serve to familiarize the participants with geofiction, provide insight in the company processes and give them the means to get started with the workshop themselves. Workshop and visualization can also be used seperately as an instrument for teambuilding and analysis.